Saturday, March 23, 2013

He's Locked in the Car!

The weather last week was INCREDIBLE!  I even got a little sun while working in the yard :)  Well one day, the kids were all playing outside while I made dinner inside and when I went out to check on Nixter, he was playing in the van and holding the keys.  What had he done with those keys?  Locked himself in.  Oh boy.  I'm sure I looked like a psycho trying to persuade my baby to push the unlock button!  He almost did it a couple times.  He just thought the whole thing was a fun game.  Finally, after calling AAA and getting a 45 minute ETA, Nic had the most genius idea!  He found a laser pointer and pointed the beam of light RIGHT on the unlock button.  Well naturally, Nixon pushed it!  He was saved!  Haha.  He was pumped out of his mind to get released!


Natalie Smith said...

the convincing to the toddler to unlock the car is horrible. we have had to do it too... i like the laser idea!

Matt & Katie said...

I love Kendyl in her swimming suit!