Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pass of All Passes- Hollywood Connection

I broke down and bought our whole family the "Pass of All Passes".  They ended up costing $12 a piece and it includes a season pass to 7 Peaks, 3 Real Games, 2 Bees Games, Hollywood Connection and tons more. I'm sure each of those places/events will be CHUCK FULL of Pass holders....but whatever :)  We went to Hollywood Connection last week and it was actually a lot of fun!  My favorite part was laughing until I cried as my kids attempted to roller skate.  Oh man.  I swear when I was a kid, we were just born with that ability.  Nowadays, they're born with the ability to work a cell phone instead.  There was mini golf, where my kids made up for their poor skating skills; and there were lots of fun rides.  We had a great time!  And we'll be back for more!!


Clark's Corner said...

Enjoyed the laughter I experienced as I looked at the roller skating pictures! Such fun!

Nicole Stucki said...

We have those passes too! We'll have to meet up sometime with the kiddos....or just adults at 7 peaks. Haha.

Linz said...

As a person very close to the POAP (Bryan works for Seven Peaks) the crowds aren't too bad. Especially the Salt Lake water park. But it's fun and there are amazing things on that pass! Maybe we'll have to go to something together!