Friday, April 12, 2013


Easter was a good time at our house!  Cute little Brooklyn was quick to make sure her siblings understood the REAL meaning of Easter :)  But of course, we had fun with all the traditional stuff too!  We dyed eggs outside the day before- it was so warm and nice!  They had a blast decorating and designing their eggs.  We also went to an Easter Egg hunt at Barton Creek that morning.  Great Grandma was so excited to have all the kids there.  And trust me, the kids were happy to support this event- their baskets were overflowing. We also had egg hunts at our house and Grandma's house the next day.  It was fun watching Nixon get so pumped about finding the eggs.  He knows EXACTLY what's inside the plastic ones.  I shouldn't forget to mention the girls' Easter dresses!  They picked them out and absolutely LOVE them!  They wear them almost every day because they love how they twirl :)  

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