Friday, April 12, 2013

Kendyl's Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

After years of struggling with ongoing sickness and gasping for air, we decided to take Kendyl to an ENT.  He quickly determined that Kendyl's tonsils needed to come out.  She's been SOOO excited for this surgery!  Strange, I know, but we told her she was going to get to eat icecream and popsicles.  That's all it took :)  I took her shopping for her treats yesterday and boy was she thrilled!  The girls made sure that we stopped somewhere to buy her a present yesterday after their soccer game.  They've been so cute with her.
Before Surgery at 6:30am

They gave her a bear that we named Cherry.  She was so excited!

Her nurse let Kendyl listen to her own heart beat.  

All prepped and ready to go!

Goodbye Kendyl!  Still excited!

The surgery went well!  The doc said her tonsils were MASSIVE and chronically infected :(  They couldn't believe how brave and sweet she was.  Didn't shed a tear or complain at all.  She's a little groggy in this pic.  Look how they dressed up her Hello Kitty like a doctor :)  I few minutes after I took this picture, I mentioned to Nic that I'd been cold all morning. Before I could say another word, Kendyl had pulled her Hello Kitty off herself and handed it to me.  Oh man....the sweetness.

A couple hours later (and 2 posicles, 2 bowls of icecream and a jello cup later)  she's still pumped!  She wishes her siblings were here so she could play with them!  Here's to hoping things don't go down hill during the next little while. Love, Love, Love my Kendyl Babe.  Seriously, I just love her.


Daisha said...

Glad it went well and hope it helps her feel better from now on!

Natalie Smith said...

So happy it all went smoothly for you. She is so cute.