Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby #5!

It still doesn't seem real, besides the fact that I've been sick for 2 solid months and my belly is quite round.  But we're going to have our 5th and FINAL baby in December!  I'm due on the 30th and I'll be induced on the 23rd.  Right now, I'm 15 weeks pregnant.  I had some major bleeding and uterus tightening a couple weeks ago and went to the dr. to be checked out.  They did and ultrasound and found NOTHING wrong.  They also found out that we're having a BOY!!!  We were SOOO hoping for a boy so Nixon could have a little buddy!  We know we're extremely blessed and we definitely count our blessings. I'm especially excited to have my days of pregnancy behind me...sometimes that's what gets me through the day, just knowing that in a few months, I'll NEVER have to feel this awful again.  I need to make a list of all my symptoms so I can remember it all when my girls start having babies and begin feeling the same way (I sure hope they somehow skip this gene.)
nauseated all day- but worse at night, bad taste in mouth all the time and I'm always spitting, super dry sinuses that irritate me all day, Braxton Hicks contractions almost the whole time, bleeding at some point with every pregnancy, bad skin, melasma, headaches that may or may not be caused by my Zofran, calf cramps at night, serious lack of energy.

So on that positive note!  Here's a picture of us telling the kids our big news.  They are so excited :)


Natalie Smith said...

This is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!!

the fellers said...

STEF! You did not tell me you were having a BOY! Congrats! That is so exciting...and I feel like you described me to a T with all your symptoms! I am so glad you are ok with the bleeding, did not know that either! You are a rock star!