Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nixon turns 3!

Nixon....perhaps the cutest little boy on the planet.  I would say it even if I wasn't his mother.  Just to look at him, you melt.  Then once you get to know him, you melt.  This kid is ALL boy and so fun and silly.  He is BEST friends with his dad and still wants to be just like him.  He carries a handful of cars, trains, planes or motorcycles wherever he goes.  He likes to curve his hand and tell us, "do my hair like this".  He has little hand guestures for everything.  He like to pull a turkey from his bellybutton and eat it :)  He never wants to eat anything with nutrients....unless chocolate milk and cereal counts for nutrients.  He falls asleep in the car usually around midday then doesn't go to bed til midnight.  He talks like an adult...clear as can be.  He talks about surfing, golfing and skiing daily, He's been potty trained since last year...but still wears a diaper to bed.  He got a bike for his birthday and rides it so well.  He loves his sisters, who he refers to as "the girls".  He loves "Bay Calbin" and I'm sure they'll be best friends.  He loves reading stories at night and his imagination is huge.  We love this little boy like crazy.  He makes us smile and laugh every day.  He's a good kid and doesn't get in trouble very often. We can't believe 3 years has come and gone this quickly.  If we could freeze him RIGHT NOW, life would be perfect.  He had a birthday party at the park with all his best friends...who are also his cousins :)  He talks about Hudson, Daniel, Elle and Dreya every day and they're all his age.  So awesome.  He was so excited to open his presents and eat cake with the family.  We got corndogs afterwards and ate them on the corndog bus :)  Happy Birthday Nixter, you sure are a special little kid!

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