Monday, August 11, 2014

San Diego Anniversary

Nic had a 2 week long work training in Carlsbad CA for the first 2 weeks of August.  As luck would have it, our anniversary fell right into that weekend.  But as BETTER luck would have it, I had enough sky miles to fly myself over there for a few days :)  Ashley and Melanie watched the kids.  I even left Calvin (with a dozen bags of frozen milk).  It was the most glorious weekend I can remember having.  Seeing Nic pull up at the airport in his cherry red Mustang Convertible was the perfect way to start things off.  We went straight to dinner at a nice restaurant on the beach.  We went back to the hotel afterward and I just sat there thinking how lucky I was to have NOTHING to do but relax and have fun.  We were able to go to the beach and to dinner with Quinton and Tif.  We drove racecars.  (SOOO much fun...and he only beat me by a second with my dirty driving). We ate fabulous food.  We even went to Disneyland!!!  Yep, Nic was more than willing to take me.  We had such a wonderful time and ate at all the yummiest restaurants.  On my final day there, Nic had to go back to training.  Since he needed his car returned to San Diego, I drove down to Coronado Island for the day.  I parked by the beach, walked around some shops, picked up some lunch, and ate it on the beach all by myself.  It was heavenly.  At the end of the day, I drove the car to the airport and flew home.  It was nice to get back to my babies, but man, I'd give anything to relive that weekend.  Happy 11 years, Nic!!

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