Friday, October 21, 2016


This might take the cake for the craziest thing I've ever done.  Ashley Dickamore and Jamie Ostrander got this crazy idea to enter the Questival race and there were 5 of us crazy enough to join them!  It's a 24 hour race in which you have to complete as many challenges as you're able.  This list was a mile long so it was hard to organize and choose the best challenges that were worth the most points.  We had to take video or picture with our team flag and submit each challenge.  We were all over the map in that short 24 hours.  We got a little shut eye at Holly's house, but not much.  We camped, swam, ran a mile, milked a goat, hiked to a waterfall, sang to strangers, soaked in Saratoga Hotsprings, Harassed the chefs at a diner, made total fools of ourselves, made lots of music videos, planted trees, unicycled, cooked, got kicked out of stores, met celebrities, I could go on and on and on.  It was WILD but we loved every minute of it.  We were in 10th place out of 378 when our time ran out....but after the judges went through each of our entries, we ended up in 45th place.  I guess we weren't holding up our flag in a bunch of pictures.  Dang!  Well we'll be back for our revenge next the oldest ones there!  haha.  And yes, those are bikinis over sweats.  Hot stuff.  Thanks, Ash, Jamie, Brooke, McCall, Beth, Nichole and AnnMarie!

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