Monday, October 31, 2016


The coolest things about this Halloween- Nic's Reeper and Scarecrow.  He built these dudes from scratch.  Wire, fabric, lights, etc.  So cool.  Everybody has asked me about them.  Camryn decided to be Alice in Wonderland so she could take Jet (her white rabbit) with her.  She even sewed a little red bow tie for him.  B was the Queen of Hearts.  Kendyl was a cowgirl.  Nixon was Sully (best costume ever from DI)...but switched to Mr. Incredible on Halloween night.  Calvin was an astronaut, an army guy and Mr. Incredible.  He just kind of picked from the costume box each time :)  We went to Avalon Care Center for trick-or-treating, then Main street, then our neighborhood that night.  Fun as always :)

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