Wednesday, November 2, 2016

B's Big Heart

Brooklyn, where did you come from?  Your love and concern for others, especially those with special needs, is so great, I just stand back and watch you and feel like I'm in the presence of an angel.  You do it without anyone asking you to.  It's the pure goodness in your heart.  It's not just once in a while, you're helping and loving these children every single day.  I know you were sent to this earth to teach me so many lessons.  Xavier and Rachel are special kids and I know they'll always hold a special place for you in their hearts, just as they hold a special place in yours.  You're making such a difference, not only to them, but to everyone you meet.  You bring peace and friendship everywhere you go and I'm so grateful for the sweetheart you truly are.
B helps Xavier with his math homework every day.  She wasn't asked to, but she knows he needs it.  She told me that she never has time to get her own done, so she has to do it at home.

Rachel loves having the chance to read scriptures.  Here is Brooklyn helping Rachel say the words.

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