Friday, November 18, 2016

Sleeping Beauty

These cute girls auditioned for "Sleeping Beauty" clear back in May.  Only about 1/4 of all the kids who auditioned got into the play so the girls were pretty grateful.  They got the parts of Maleficent's goons.  Ha!  It was perfect for them :)  Practice was pretty intense starting at the end of August.  6 hours of practice each week, and the final few weeks was 4 1/2 hours every night.  The play was the week before Thanksgiving break.  7 performances!  I got to see 4 of them :)  I sold concessions a couple nights.  The play was INCREDIBLE!  Some of those kids are just out of this world.  Jules is an amazing director.  I'm so incredibly grateful for Camryn and Brooklyn.  They worked hard on this play and never complained once.  They loved every minute of it.  They are fun kids.  Love them to pieces.

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