Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Calvin!

He's 3!  I'm actually kind of sad about it.  I have no more babies :(  Calvin is the cutest little 2 year old in the world and I just want him to stay like this forever.  His perfect speech, complete sentences, clear understanding and response to others, hilarious personality, ALWAYS happy demeanor, goog manners, love and admiration for his siblings (especially Nixon...and Vivi of course), and everything else about him have COMPLETELY won us over.  He's mister popular at our house.  For his birthday, he asked to ride the train.  We rode the Front Runner from WX to Provo where we were able to go to the BYU basketball game (the boys LOVE BYU), with my parents.  They helped us out with the transportation part since we rode the train out there and wanted to drive home.  The girls made Cal a cute cake with gummy bears all over it.  He got the CUTEST Thomas Train toy and Ed and Paula spoiled him with little toys and a SPIDERMAN tent!  He's over the moon about it all.  We love you Calvin and couldn't feel more grateful about having you in our family.  The perfect caboose.

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