Saturday, January 19, 2013


Our Christmas was supposed to be spent in St. George, but a last minute funeral for someone in my parents' ward on Dec. 26th meant we all stuck around until the day after Christmas.  It was actually fun though.  We got to see some amazing lights (light show with music) on Christmas Eve, then drove to my parents for dinner, Christmas carols and treats.  We made sure we left some cookies out for Santa.  Christmas morning was a blast.  Nixon ran RIGHT to his new train table, Kendyl ran to her Hello Kitty blanky/stuffed animal, Camryn found her Barbie RV and B got her mini American Doll, Caroline, with all the books.  Some other memorable presents this year were:  Nic got me a Tiffany's necklace.  The girls got great grandma a porceline dog that she LOVED!  The bunkbed.  The blog book I made for the fam.  And lots of other little things.  Next year, please help me to buy 1/2 as much.  They were happy with the first thing they opened- why continue?!   Anyway, the rest of the day was spent playing, moving Great Grandma in to her new place and swimming.  That night, my sisters and their families came over for Chinese food, jammies and presents.

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