Sunday, January 27, 2013

St. George for New Years

We braved the CRAZY stormy weather and drove to St. George 2 days after Christmas.  Some spots were a little scary in the mini, but we made it :)  The cousins spent the majority of their time doing shows on the disco ball stage.  We even humored them one night and all the adults gathered around the stage to see them each sing a Christmas solo.  We were fairly impressed!  The guys did a lot of football watching and pool.  My Dad spent half the trip trying to figure out Netflix....poor guy just wanted to watch The Bourne Legacy.  The women went to Les Mis one night.  Holy cow, we all bawled our eyes out.  We couldn't believe our husbands didn't want to come give us huge  hugs when we got home!  haha.  We actually got back from the movie just in time to celebrate New Years with all the kids (Eastern Time of course).  They all banged pots and pans and did a parade. It was cute.  We did a little Zumba, a little Razoring, a little hot tubbing, a little movie watching and just the usual stuff, but it was fun to be with the family.  Hopefully it's warmer than 40 degrees next time we go down there!

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