Friday, September 12, 2014

Nixon starts preschool with Mrs. Mimi!!

Oh have melted my heart again.  He was so excited to start preschool and picked out his own outfit and everything....but he was NOT interested in me leaving him in the classroom!  I am writing this post 2 months later and I'll just say this, it took took a good month and a half before I was able to leave without him crying and chasing me out the door.  He's made some friends now (Boston and  Zane) and his teacher, Ms. Mimi (Janet Short), is awesome and she absolutely adores Nixon.  He's a smart little boy and loves to sing his "N.I.X.O.N." song :)  Each of the kids has a tune for the spelling of their name.  Nixon is the bomb and although I'd give ANYTHING to freeze him at this point in his life, it's fun watching him grow and become more brave and more awesome :)

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